a year in review, that year being 2006

So, i guess it would be good to list things of importance work wise that occurred in 2006 for personal perspective.  So here goes in a structrualist listing of importance, of which all things lead to the same objective nevertheless.  Things also might be bleeding into this new year as well, so i will mark with an astricks like this *.  Or like this ** of that means anything different in the footnotes of your head.
1.  whale (shot the feature film) * In Post Production, will be finished June 2007
2.  Shanks and the Dreamers (album finished and mastered) *Will be released in March/April 2007

3.  "Astonishing Experience Box Set" installation ran for three months(oct-dec) at The Seed Design Gallery in Santa Ana.

4.  Finished a short film titled "Tracing the Edges" in July.

5.  "My break Ups into a Million Pieces" continued the festival tour.

6.  "Still Lover" continued to play in several theaters

7.  Directed a music video for the band UnFamiliar Occurrence

oh man, i will continue this later, i believe i'm missing stuff.