Dear friends, our CrowdFunding Campaign to finish feature films, THREE WORLDS and MAN just launched. Please click the IndieGoGo link or images to get you to that page. I sincerely hope you can help me reach the goalpost, so that I can bring these films to you, a labor of love for the last couple years. 

Info about the campaign:

This campaign is raising money to finish and release the feature films THREE WORLDS and MAN.  Those two films complete a project called THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS.  Filmmaker Amir Motlagh has created over 15 films to date.  Motlagh's films are often fiction and documentary hybrids that examine modern life as lived by characters who are searching for meaning.  Individual identity, family, assimilation, the past, creative struggles are some of the themes that Motlagh tackles in his work.

THREE WORLDS is a unique, introspective drama that delves into a character's multiple perspectives in different points of space and time. Time, history and his personal choices change the course of his existence.  THREE WORLDS is a drama using elements from science fiction to reveal a character trying to find his way out of a maze.

MAN is a semi-scripted, slice of life story told in a fresh, experience centric style that explores a man’s relationship with friends and family in today’s technology-centric world. 

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