Amir Motlagh strives for an increasingly interdisciplinary approach at creating media and telling stories. He is a filmmaker by trade and practice, having written and directed over 15 narrative and non fiction projects that have screened all over the world, and experienced every form of distribution with.

He’s also experienced first hand the power of the internet when one of this early DIY short films spread virally before the term was popularized.

He received a BA in Psychology from UCLA, and an MFA in Production with an emphasis in Directing at Chapman University. He also spent time at the Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood.

He leads a lean media labs startup, ANIMALS, that creates content for motion pictures, television, the web, and the future (VR), with an emphasis on creativity and distinctiveness.

You can find him TWEETING here, uploading new videos on YOUTUBE and VIMEO, taking small snaps on INSTAGRAM, and occasionally posting at the intersection of the old and new here.

He believes that the future is bright, and we are responsible to lead with insight, humanity, aesthetics and emotion.  

His larger mission will be achieved through collaboration, and a focus on a global, trans-disciplinary approach which takes into account the power of connectivity.

He welcomes people who reach out. So, come say hello. Lets work. One final thing; he is MIRS.   

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