Part one of three of the series, "Three Marks, Too Many Signals"

MIRS presents the visual album, CANYON.

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CANYON Track List:
1) Coyote
2) Sleepless
3) Valley
4) Streetlight

CANYON (film) Credits:

Written and Directed by Amir Motlagh
Produced by ANIMALS + Nima Rezai
Director of Photography: Andrew Yuyi Truong
Art Direction: Moniqa Somera-Overly
Location Sound: Brock Carter
Illustration + Titles: Ali Sabet

Cast - in order of appearance

Amir Motlagh
Chelsea Wendroff
Nima Rezai
Charles Borg
Claire J. Donoghue

Extra Special Thanks

Marie France
Charles Borg
Yuki Noguchi
Brad Ranola
Roscoe Harris
Buckley Harris

CANYON (album) Credits:

MIRS is Amir Motlagh, Nima Rezai
CANYON EP produced by Amir Motlagh, Nima Rezai
Arrangement, Programming & Instrumentation: Amir Motlagh, Nima Rezai
Lyrics: Amir Motlagh, Nima Rezai
Vocals: Amir Motlagh
Chapman Stick: Nima Rezai
Electric Guitar: Amir Motlagh
Co-Producer, Drums & Drum Programming on SLEEPLESS:  II+
Live Drums on COYOTE: Brad Ranola
Bass Guitar on COYOTE: Amir Motlagh   
Art Direction: Ali Sabet, Amir Motlagh
Artwork + Design: Ali Sabet
Publishing & Copyrights 2016 Amir Motlagh, Nima Rezai / ANIMALS / MIRS
Additional Support:
Mahyar Alahyari