Charlie: A Dogumentary of Sorts 

Charlie is getting old and a bit grumpy but he's been meaning to tell the world his most recent contemplations.


Images & Concept- Amir Motlagh
Music - David Byrne & Brian Eno
Album - Everything that Happens Will Happen Today
Song -Strange Overtones

Charlie the Doggy - AKA The Goose
Michael Flowers

Creative Commons 2009.


The what's and how's:

This was conceived for web delivery only.  When my dog started limping, I thought that he needed to tell his story.  Using a David Byrne, Brian Eno tune only solidifying the idea of complete non commercial video web work, done for no reason other then sharing a story.  

The real question is whether this type of mix up benefits artist and labels whom own copyright.  In the sense that a video is in essence completely non commercial, my idea is that it can only lead to a benefit because of the personal nature of curating.  In fact, the decision to use the track Strange Overtones over a "home video" gives rise to a type of amateur curating that reaches farther by numbers then solely the effort of an artist or label.  Now, if my intention was to sell said video, then that becomes an intrusion.  In the end, most aware artist should welcome this free and personalized publicity, which is also entrenched with an emotional tie.  In my example, the song was an impetus for the video itself.  It was the spark that got the idea moving in the first place.

As an addendum, I was very happy to hear that "Everything that Happens Will Happen Today" was the featured soundtrack to Oliver Stones new Wall Street.