A young man born with an obsessive compulsive drive dreams of making a movie. His first feature length film. But obstacles lay in his path, including memories of his childhood days spent in a war torn world, that shake his soul to this day.

Amir Motlagh, Chris Manz, Lene Pedersen, Atefeh Galledari, Yousef Motlagh

Written and Directed by Amir Motlagh

Martin Nilchian, Ali Sabet, Yousef Motlagh

Title Design:
Sean Gillane

Mahsa Hosseini


This is a work of fiction. 

It is available to screen publicly with written consent and approval from author.

This work premiered on the web on 6/28/11.

Music in the film that is available as free downloads:

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - "You Don't Surf So Shut Up"
Learning Music - " A Window"
Learning Music - "Apple Core"
Learning Music - "Ovulation"
Cobra (Avec Logo Panthere) "Prud Hommes"
Lee Rosevere "Nightlight"
Nic Bommarito "Folk Psychology"


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