knock. knock. @ 2007


Chris is a struggling internet comic who has stumbled upon an opportunity to reach a massive audience for his internet show, The Chris Manz Show. During a taping of an episode gone horribly wrong, his ex, Karla, appears at the door. The only thing left to do now is to let her in.

________________________________________ ____

The film that spurred on the real Chris Manz Show is a dark (well, not really) romantic comedy that is equal parts easy to watch, playful and post modern.

Director: Amir Motlagh
Story by: Amir Motlagh, Chris Manz
Written by: Chris Manz
Cinematographer: Zamir Kokonozi
Producer: Chris Otteson, Tom O'Connell
Editor: Rick Curnutt
Sound Design: Brock Carter
Music: Shanks and the Dreamers

Chris Manz
Keaton Shyler
Lene Pederson

Film is currently distributed by Ouat! Media. 
Also on Movieola-The short film channel.

Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival - 2007 Premiere 
Smogdance Film Festival - 2008
Capitol City MicroCinema - 2008
Cat Hotel w/ Neil Hamburger - 2008
Movieola- The Short Film Channel -2009"

S16 Kodak Vision II
Trt: 20:32