Lesson in Self Destruction was first introduced at the legendary Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan in early 2006.  It went on to play several more times at varies galleries and warehouses including the Grand Central Art Center, but all the subsequent screenings involved only individual pieces of the series.  

The video has six independent components encapslued in the larger 24minute series.  The images are a mix of old VHS, 8mm video, Hi-8, 16mm film, and DV.

About 250 copies of the series were pressed on DVD and left in various cities around the US, in all types of places. Some might have ended up in other "Blockbuster Video" cases in place of the mainstream romantic comedy an unsuspecting bystander might have been in the mood for.

The best description I can give on the video is one of silence.  But, themes of nostalgia, ignorance within the suburban and or youth context, and mis-identity run through.


For a limited time, you can view the whole piece in it's entirety below:
trt: 24:04
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