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Upcoming Screenings:
Nov 14th, 2018 - Flashpoint College - Chicago - 5:15pm (please contact to get on the guest list)

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MAN (feature film) - 2018

- Accolades: MAN is a recipient of an "Outstanding Achievement Award" for best "Postmodern Film" at CICFF.
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MAN (2018) is a vertité-style day-in-the-life story about a computer programmer who lives a secluded existence in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon. His sole real-life companions are his two dogs; everyone else--friends, colleagues, family--he only connects with through technological mediation, via phones and computers.

Cast / Crew

Directed by Amir Motlagh
Written by Amir Motlagh & Charles Borg
Produced by ANIMALS & Charles Borg
Editing: Amir Motlagh & Charles Borg
Sound Mix and Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Holliger
Original Score: Stephen Holliger


Amir Motlagh - Arman
Rachel Sciacca - Des

Press Quotes

It’s always exciting whenever a distinct new voice makes itself heard on the indie landscape. Amir Motlagh is such a voice...

..transported and taken out of my comfort zone…. transcendent experience
— Adam Schartoff FILMWAX RADIO
This was a film that turned the job of “watching” back onto the audience, forcing them to reflect on the things seen, heard, and felt…
— Jonita Davis THE IRANIAN
The themes of Man are extremely relevant and poignant as material possession and technological developments conflict with physical, human connection like Jonze’s ‘Her’... It’s exciting to see modern representation of romance... I have not felt so conscious about my interactions and introspective feelings as a modern male in a long time.
— Timothy Noordermeer INDIE FILM CRITIC
…..takes something as mundane as “daily activities” and turns them into an opportunity to observe the moments of our lives we gloss over or consider mundane
— David Fowlie KEEPING IT REEL
An engrossing film... there’s something deeply honest about it... it paints such an intimate, simple portrait of a day.
This is fantastic. [Man] has achieved a very even, coherent aesthetic, which for something like this is a fine line to walk... specifically how humans are changing because of digital media and technology — the ‘always connected’ network...
MAN Festival Award CICFF Best Postmodern Film
MAN feature film still 1
MAN feature film still featuring Rachel Sciacca
MAN feature film still - Roscoe
MAN feature film starring Rachel Sciacca
MAN Official Film Poster