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The latest Mirs release is the visual album, CANYON. You can find Mirs and that project on its own website here. Below is the single take, visual album for the project, part of a larger conceptual body of work titled, THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS.


The 2014 record, MEAT ON YOUR LONELY BONEZ available at these links.  Get it at itunes or bandcamp below or stream it on SPOTIFY.

Woke Up On the Moon


Summer God Complex

Take Away


Fall (birds) - Spin Cycle

Spring (bombs) - Spin Cycle

Mirs Official Website is now live, although its ugly, its the real deal.

Limited Edition CD and the full digital release on November, 22th, 2010.

About Spin Cycle:After a compartmentalized music career consisting of fronting the two album releasing Shanks and the Dreamers and scoring a number of movie soundtracks, American Independent Film Maker and multi media artist Amir Motlagh releases his first completely solo musical effort, "Spin Cycle", introducing his new sonic outfit, Mirs. A year in the making, the EP follows a fictional character through the changing seasons, cycling through a trans- figurative metamorphosis. The actual recordings coincided in real time with the changing seasons.

Mirs is on a spiritual quest. Mirs was born in downtown Los Angeles. Mirs is a killer. Mirs is a lover.

Album Credits: Released 22, November 2010

Produced by Amir Motlagh
Instrumentation, Vocals & Written by Amir Motlagh
Additional Guitar on Fall: Art Toussi
Additional Translation and Vocal on Winter: Sachiyo Niikura
Additional Vocal on Winter Produced and Recorded: Bradley Cook
Mastering: Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog)
Cover Art: Amir Motlagh Mirs logo: Ali Sabet
Publishing & Copyrights 2010 Amir Motlagh/AYA Film & Music

Spin Cycle  on iTunes

Spin Cycle on iTunes

Spin Cycle on Amazon

Spin Cycle on Amazon

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