Hush - My Darling Dia

Camel Crusader - My Darling Dia 

History: Past, Present and Future

Shanks and Dreamers was first conceived around 2005. In the beginning, it was a solo act, consisting of Amir Motlagh mostly using an acoustic guitar to create soundtrack/cinematic minimalism. The first commercial release was in 2007 with the release of an ep titled A Day Late: Instrumentals For Illegal Aliens co-produced by Sam Oak from the band Unfamiliar Occurrence. The album included earlier compositions that Motlagh recorded for the 2003 award winning short film, Still Lover.

After the record was released, Motlagh started to play more frequently with guitarist Art Toussi. They continued the project with the conception of the a new album, and also a drastic move away from the instrumental past. After a year in the studio, 2008 saw the release of the first full length record, "My Darling Dia". They also went on to create soundtracks for three of Motlagh's films within relatively the same time frame, Knock. Knock. (2007), Plain Us (2008), and the feature length film Whale (2010).

The Band went on to release several singles after, and continued to license music for other media projects. It went on permanent hiatus in August 2010, calling an end to a self manicured obscurity. However, what's left is more then an a conception, or a mere fleeting idea, in fact, what is left is two physical records, from a band that was never a band, and from a project that moved forward, alone in its own obsession's, free from the distractions of anything at all.

A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens     

Buy  A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens  on iTunes

Buy A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens on iTunes

Track List:

1. Surfriders Morphine
2. Little Miss Teddy Bear
3. Cookie the Thug
4. Lonely Palm Pilot
5. A black and white portrait of a woman with short red hair
6. Tweeds



Album Credits:

Music written and composed by Amir Motlagh.
Guitar/Keys/Etc. - Amir Motlagh
Bass - Sam Oak
Drums on tracks 1,3,4 - Chris Henderson
Additional FX on track 6- Art Toussi
Produced by Amir Motlagh, Sam Oak
Cover Art/Layout Design: Martin Nilchian, Amir Motlagh

My Darling Dia

Buy  My Darling Dia  on iTunes

Buy My Darling Dia on iTunes

Track List:

1. Extra Ordinary Machines
2. Hush
3. Camel Crusader
4. 405
5. IBM
6. Disintegration
7. 777
8. Charle, get a job
9. Popsicles
10. Whitehouse
11. Last          

Album Credits:

All music written by Shanks and the Dreamers (Amir Motlagh, Art Toussi)
All instrumentation by Amir Motlagh, Art Toussi
Vocals - Amir Motlagh
Additional Drums on tracks 1,4,6,7 - Chris Henderson
Additional Recording - Steve Sherlock
Additional Vocals on IBM - Art Toussi
Additional Vocals on Whitehouse - Detail
Produced by Amir Motlagh, Art Toussi
Mastered by Andy Vandette (MasterDisk NYC)
Cover Art/Layout Design: Amir Motlagh  ©2008

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