updates far left behind...but good news

So, the film known as "whale" is officially cut. Just finished picture lock (although, you never really know). It is now in sound design. I am pleased. It is what i always wanted it it become. A trailer should be up very shortly.

Whats the film about? Let me see real. OK...
" An Iranian American writer quickly approaching 30 returns back to his mothers house in the suburbs of Irvine California, unexpectedly, with a broken heart, a never ending manuscript and a few telephone numbers from his old life."

Other News:
1. knock. knock. plays at the Smogdance Film Festival in late January. More details TBA.

2. My Untitled 35mm film (Plain Us?) was shot a month ago. Should be ready for viewing in April hopefully.

-It was shot once again by Zamir Kokonozi who captured knock. knock.
-It stars Kindy Barr and a lovely 6 year old named Nadia. I'm in there somewhere.
-Also in the film is Kristen Penza, Josh Virnick, Rami Dogma, Art Toussi (Shanks and the Dreamers), and Tom O'Connell who was also the production designer for the film.

3. I have finally put together my recording studio. It is done. Shanks and the Dreamers have been busy recording a new album. Should be ready before summer 08. This is much different then the first album, well, because its not an instrumental album to say the least.

4. Been filming Micro on and off....

5. I am alive.