feature film done, plus two

I'm finished with my first narrative feature(whale, although the title might change), but  this is where it gets kind of tricky.

I can't release it yet. Why you ask, well, because i shoot another film in about a month tentatively titled "Plain Us" which is a 20+ min. short and pre production has been exhausting(last short in a long long time).
Also in the mean time, i have been filming "Micro" which is my second fictional feature during the past two months as it is an ongoing project.

They will be released in this order, mind you all the titles are tentative.  Whale (Dec), Plain Us (March), and Micro (May).

This is a trilogy of sorts.  They are all related. Its not a sequential thing, and yes, they are all certainly independent from one another in all aspects but in the grand scheme of things, there paths cross.  I don't really want to talk about it more then that, but i'm excited anyways.  Its a cumlative effort

It seems i've been MIA for a while, but i have never been busier artistically then right now and i guess that keeps me from the promoting aspect.

I'll see you guys in a little over a month.