Quick Q & A with the San Bernardino Sun

Here is a little Q & A i did about knock. knock. screening at the Smogdance Film Festival. Its towards the end of the article...


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"This article was written by Diana Sholley for the San Bernardino Sun on 1-23-08"

Q & A with Amir Motlagh

Motlagh's 20-minute comedy, "knock, knock," is the filmmaker's third showing in the Smogdance Film Festival. The Los Angeles resident talks here a bit about his work and the festival.

Q: What is your film, "knock, knock," about?

A: "A comedian starts to experience some fame on an Internet comedy show. During a taping of an episode, his ex-girlfriend knocks on his door. The two have unresolved issues that start to unravel concerning people, egos and various influences that get in the way of communication."

Q: What was your inspiration?

A: "I wanted to try something more narrative - film a comedy piece in a more nontraditional way. The comedy comes from the characters, especially the main character's awkwardness and neuroses. It's a low-key comedy in the form of naturalism."

Q: What do you hope people will take away from your film?

A: "I would like it if people leave behind their preconceived notions of how audiences usually see film. Let the experience just happen to you. It's not made in the Hollywood tradition, it's not spoon-fed. It's all about life itself in terms of character."

Q: What keeps bringing you back to Smogdance?

A: "It's local and it's a festival that feels like it's family-run. The quality of works entered keeps getting better and better."