Plain Us and the world of Distro

This is an interesting time to say the least.  I don't particularly like to go out of my way with opinions about the state of business on my own personal site, but i want to address some interesting things of late.  While Plain Us just got its festival premiere a week or so ago, i had seven short film distribution companies contact me regarding the film over the last few weeks.

Mind you, i'm not quite sure how they got wind of the film, and it wasn't from public screenings because it just premiered, but nevertheless, it's been a good sign.

Now, out of the seven, three of the companies want to acquire the film.  One is exclusive, the other two are non-exclusive.  My concern has been that if i sign the dotted line, what happens to screening the film on a festival circuit?  

Now, this is were i think that finally filmmakers should be on the upper hand.  On one side, i can just hold of and play the lottery card that has become the festival selection process, or, go ahead and get the best possible deal i can right now.  The truth is, especially for short films, is that we should be able to do all of the above.  And by that i mean, get that broadcast deal, get that web deal, and hopefully tour the circuit all concurrently.  Why should the process hold the filmmaker back.  With all the changes in the distribution models of late, i believe that the same should happen to short films to give extra opportunities for exposure.  Mind you, just because a film is available on the web, doesn't mean that screening it at a festival makes it somehow less viable.  In fact, seeing something that has garnered attention on the platform and resolution that it was originally intended makes it that much more satisfying and viable.

Its not worth waiting months on end to see whether you get in here or there....Maybe if you are on that old school frame of thought, its understandable, but as my one and only mentor told me about a year ago, "Don't take no for an answer", espcially if you completely believe in what you are doing.