My Darling Dia is finally released

My Darling Dia

In the daytime, i function as a motion picture writer/director, but at night, as some may not be aware, i am one half of the band Shanks and the Dreamers.

I started that musical project about two years ago, and the first musical release was an all instrumental album called, "A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens".    During the next year, what started with more esoteric intentions, and guest musicians, turned into a band.  In fact, not really a band, but a production duo that included myself, and a banker named Art Toussi.

For the last year, I set up a new studio called "Polariod Palace Homes 2" and we started the endeavor of recording a new album, with the intention of moving far away from strictly instrumental music and into more of a populace vein, by way of, an album with vocals.  As a result, and one year later, "My Darling Dia" is born.

Both Art and I have a mix and range of influences from the obscure to the mainstream, expanding all genres of music.  Thats how i grew up, and i feel more and more kids these days are doing the same. So, in essence, why hide what you really want to do?  Sometimes i have to ask myself that.

Here is the official blurb....

"My Darling Dia, the first full-length release from Shanks and the Dreamers takes the band to all new musical territories and away from their instrumental past. The two piece production duo consisting of filmmaker Amir Motlagh, and Art Toussi continue the path of sonic evolution mixing a broad palette of sounds including everything from post punk, shoegaze, electro and hip-hop, with a seamless integration of attack that has all to due with their diverse backgrounds and relentless creative instincts. My Darling Dia is simply, electro, sonic, bionic music for the social classes."

Anyways, the album is available to purchase now as a CD, or in MP3 form.  Many more stores and Itunes to follow shortly.

Pick up a copy, shit, pick up a few.  

My Darling Dia