knock. knock. gets distro deal

To update on the most recent happenings in life, knock. knock. has been acquired by Toronto based distribution company Ouat! Media for an exclusive worldwide deal.  I can now hand over the duty of getting the damn thing seen to someone else.

In other news, Shanks and the Dreamers album is officially ready to be sent out for mastering.  I think i posted on this before, but alas, we went in and mixed some more.  But this time, its for real. It includes 11 tracks with names like, WhiteHouse, 405, Hush and Popsicles.  Nothing too pretentious, just short and sweet mutherfuckin titles.

We are sending it out to a NY Mastering House, since ART is rolling through NY in a few weeks and were getting good vibes from a couple dudes out there but...... there are a couple solid choices in LA as well, so nothing is finalized as to who will do the honors, but the field has been weeded out.

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