darling Dia

Well, after one year of work in and out of the studio, the Shanks and the Dreamers first full length album, my darling Dia is officially finished, not released, but finished. We got the disk back from MasterDisk on Friday. Please bear with me because I have a few notes I'd like to make at this time.

First, Its very difficult in this day and age to do things that people can't seem to label quickly. For me, being a film director/writer, first and foremost, i have trouble when people discover that i make music. People seem to believe, right or wrong, that we are capable of being productive doing one thing only, because common wisdom is that you can't be good at everything. Well, you can you assholes. And that "good" part, its mostly relative when it comes to art. Forget that average middle of the road common wisdom that everyone tries to feed down your throat. Do what you have to do to survive, as far as I'm concerned, i make movies, i make music, and other shit just on my spare time.

Second, thanks to everyone who made this possible. The list is huge. But I'll just say a few. Art Toussi of course, my bandmate who went through this damn mountain climb with our crazy conflicting schedules. Detail(D.O.) for the vocal on Whitehouse, Steve Sherlock, Chris Henderson our former drummer, Mike Flowers, and Charlie M.

Third, this is not like the other album at all, not even a little. We are making music that we have always wanted to make. The first album was a solo instrumental album. This is not. I want this shit bumped in your ride.

my darling Dia

  1. Extra Ordinary Machines

  2. Hush

  3. Camel Crusader

  4. 405

  5. IBM

  6. Disintegration

  7. 777

  8. Charlie, get a job

  9. Popsicles

  10. Whitehouse

  11. Last

Total Run Time: 30:03