MIRS $10 x 100 Campaign

MIRS has been sitting and watching me neglect it.  It needs care, it needs attention.  But it just sits.  Why? Well, the finishing funds are just not there right now.  But, I have a plan.  This is not a national campaign, there isn't any ROI in place.  

Instead of the Kickstarter, I want to privatize the matter.  So, if you are my friend, and want to help, please go here.  The goal isn't too far fetched, and unlike the Kickstarter stuff, I wont bother you, I wont send you emails, I wont send you lyrics and I wont pitch you my ideas on how this is going to change the world. Instead, I'll spare you the details and will give you the record once its mastered and pressed.

I never wanted to do a crowd funding campaign, so I'm not.  This is a private version, this is my own version.  But, if you don't know me and feel like giving anyway, maybe because you are curious about the work, please roll on over to:



P.S:  If you want, I can throw in a Shanks and the Dreamers, "My Darling Dia" retail CD, or, a DVD-R copy of WHALE.  But you have to let me know.