"I was quite taken by WHALE" Andy Horbal

Andy Horbal, the Pittsburgh film critic/writer has some nice things to say about WHALE, without even mentioning Mumblecore (not that I give a shit, but I think that label is lazy journalism), imagine that.

He goes on to say, "I was quite taken by Whale...Motlagh’s eye for composition (I knew I was in good hands from the film’s very first shot) and ability to flirt with indie film clichés without becoming entrapped by them mark him as a director to watch.."

To read the whole thing, which also describes Lucas McNelly's festival Indies for Indies click here:

Just a quick note, while I'm not fond of posting reviews and pull quotes good or bad, since this is a DIY film in every way imaginable, I have to head the promotional aspects as well, including posting the reviews that come out about it. Remember kids, the relationship between critic and filmmaker is tricky, and it can get ugly real quick. Just ask Kevin Smith.

You can purchase WHALE in a number of ways, and now, Video on Demand from Amazon.