The Post Process

Editing happens in two ways, much like everything else.  Moments of busy work, running through the motions, the habits, linear timelines and time frames; and then, you experience the solitude, those moments of reflection usually outside of sitting in front of a computer.    

It just so happens that in the seemingly innocuous rest period, a great deal of the major breakthroughs are birthed.  The moments in quiet contemplation, or when consumed in other daily happenings, perhaps during a jog, the shower, reading, in sleep or sometimes, doing nothing but sitting, in between mediation and nothingness (I guess you can plug in TV here if you like) are essential nourishment for the central brain computer trying to compartmentalize information, and give it structure and meaning.

If you're not open to such clarity, you will never get to those wonderful breakthroughs.  Busy work (productivity) is essential, but the capacity to go further is as important.  Cultivate the second part, and give yourself a little time to breath.  

One final note here: You can be productive without the breakthroughs, but you cannot have the breakthroughs without productivity.