Doggies on the Westside.

I'm a dog person.  This is an understatement.  I'm also a cat person, but not to equal affinity.

I like big breeds, but I have room for the little guys as well.  

At this very instant, two adorable pit bulls are taking a little nap on the couch adjacent to where I'm typing this.  

I could make a hyperbolic statement like so; "I just don't get people who don't like dogs".  Or, "I can never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs."  In both statements, you can superimpose dogs for any animal, or, actually, just about anything.

I hear statements of this type constantly.  And, Iโ€™m sure at some point or another I've made similar creeds.  I mean, HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT LIKE DOGS?  Really, they directly sped up human evolution.  They're also cute as a mofo.  And loyal.  And they love you, for being you.  So, while the rest of the world is busy trying to shame you, the dog, she just wants her tummy rubbed and a little snack.

One of my uncles came to visit from another country recently.  Heโ€™s not American.  He's old school.  Where he's from, at least in his times, dogs were not thought of as pets, the same way we think of them.  Dogs were mainly used for working or even when identified as pets, they were kept outdoors exclusively.  And, all the while, carrying around with them an antagonistic stigma, that they were dirty (this is of course true in the literal sense at times).  Dirt equates to not cleanly, thus, not suited for man to sleep next too, on the couch.  

In fact, this is one of the reasons your favorite MC/Weird Loveable/Crip creature Snoop Doggy Dog changed his name to Snoop Lion. Turns out that them Rasta's think dog's are a lowly animal (pop culture yaโ€™ll).  Still love Bob Marley, even though he thought your dog was filthy, like a pig? (pigs are cute as well, and the answer coming up)

So, keep this little thing in mind.  Not everybody thinks about things like you do.  And, that's probably a good thing.  Once you set outside of your worldview, you might open the door to a little more empathy because youโ€™ll be working to look through someone elseโ€™s lenscrafters.  Of course, you can still love your doggies the same.  You might even love the human race a little more, you misanthropic scoundrel. 

Roscoe & Buckley do the dew.

Roscoe & Buckley do the dew.