Updates (What Do You Know Of Water’s Worth While Standing On The Banks Of The Euphrates)

Hello friends -

The time is coming in which I will start actually writing mid-length thoughts here again. With twitter existing, I've found it a bit meaningless to verbose upon things that can be delivered with precision.. (my personal preference)

But, post-production is almost wrapped for both the feature films THREE WORLDS and MAN. We will certainly hit the targets, which are both before the year is up. What to do, what to do next. If you program festivals, now is the time to ask. Certainly, before I make a hasty or ill-advised decision to go the self-distro route. I think a mutually beneficial deal is in order. So yourself, friend. 

But, before you can see those, I have another project releasing before the year is up, which, I think will premiere web first (my preference unless someone wants to step up and screen a day earlier), titled: What Do You Know Of Water’s Worth While Standing On The Banks Of The Euphrates. Shot the project in September, locked picture yesterday. I'll give context once it's released. This project is in conjunction with MIRS and produced in-house by ANIMALS

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera_1_2017-09-02_1253_C0004.01_05_54_07.Still006.jpg