Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival

35 Year Old Man screens at the HHM Film & Music Fest

35 YEAR OLD MAN makes an appearance at the 7th Annual Hells Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City Michigan, Oct 6th & 7th.  This will mark our third film screening at this cool event.

More info, tickets and showtimes can be found here:

35 YEAR OLD MAN - 2012 - Directed by Amir Motlagh

35 YEAR OLD MAN - 2012 - Directed by Amir Motlagh

Plain Us in full view

First film: Plain Us_24minute film
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Plain Us_full short film by Amir Motlagh from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo.

Distributor: Movieola-The Short Film Channel & AYA Films
Premiere: Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival, Oct 2008

Cy, an Iranian American indie rocker drops into the city he grew up in while on tour, to visit the family he could have had. Thing is, life's never so easy, even when you're in a rock and roll band.

Written, Directed and Starring Amir Motlagh
Producers: Joshua Virnick, Amir Motlagh
Cinematographer: Zamir Kokonozi
Production Design: Tom O'Connell
Sound Design: Brock Carter
Music: Shanks and the Dreamers

Amir Motlagh
Kindy Barr
Nadia Anwar
Art Toussi
Tom O'Connell
Rami Askar
Kristen Penza
Joshua Virnick

Shot in 35mm, DV Intro


Total Run Time: 24minutes
©AYA Films, Amir Motlagh

To be honest, this has been a relatively strange time for me.  I just finished releasing an album, and am about two days away from finishing my first narrative feature that has been three years in the making.  In between time, i have been very busy as usual.

But i have wanted to make some changes in pattern, and in all honesty, believe that i have been behind the curve on the internet for quite some time.  Maybe i have been to busy, but probably i have been to near sighted.

I finished a film in 2008 called Plain Us.  It premiered at the Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival in Oct.  A few weeks after, it was solicaited by Movieola-The Short Film Channel for broadcast rights in Canada.  This was very early in my usual cycle to go for this type of deal.  I thought about other screenings and festivals and the usual pattern that films "must" go through.

But this time, instead of thinking it over long, i signed away on the contract, thinking that broadcast, the internet and a non-exclusive contract was best, and the sooner the better.

This time, i don't have the time nor the money, nor energy to dive all my resources into the festival thing. The "what if's" is not something i want to experience right now.  I have been there, done that, and in the end, want to try something else for once.

I am coming on my 8th year as both a professional, and at many times amateur filmmaker, and i have put in my dues.  So, without further ado, i present Plain Us, in full, for free on the web.  Watch it, enjoy it, hate it, love it, be indiffent, but please send it to someone else, many people else.

Also, it is 24 minutes long, so take a deep breath from your twittering, and sit back.

With Luv,