creatives in a world of more creatives....

It's hard to imagine sustaining the creative class as the numbers inflate and the capital diminishes.  But, we are also in the throws of the chopped hierarchical tree, in which a select few where given the whole share of resources and attention for their creative endeavors.

Length, size, genre, mediums, fidelity, production values are just some of the things that seem to matter less and less, as ultimately, attention becomes the trophy creatives seek, sometimes in the most desperate ways.

The death of the critical class is inevitable because the distribution of the voice is constant. An opinion is an opinion after all, and control of content doesn't exist.  What you ultimately get is the good with the bad.  Then this naturally follows, "what is good and what is bad". Nobody gets to decide for you anymore. 

The Plans

With this newest website update, I made some commitments to myself.  One is that I will keep this journal section more active.  Before, I would only post promotional stuff, and with a bit of lazy infrequency.  I am putting an end to that by diversifying content.    

I want to keep it interesting, and document different things of interest.  However, it will never get political.  

Also, I'm starting the process of making another feature.  And my thoughts on this are that instead of keeping the whole process hidden, I'd also like to document it.  From this initial point of just finishing the screenplay, to all the other things involved in making it come to life.  Although, I am not sure where to stage it yet, but the most likely place is in the FILM section under CAMEL WEST.  That's probably a good place to start.  This CAMEL WEST journal will most likely be included in some form when the film gets released  as an ancillary addition.  On my journey, rest assured, no real names will be used in this ongoing journal until completion, and unless formally agreed upon, anonymity will remain a very important component of trust.  Coming from someone who's life is always described as "mysterious", this is a good time to change the habits, since, that type of methodology doesn't resonate with people in todays world of hyper sharing.

I also want to make these two journals separate from one another in content.  CAMEL WEST will only focus on the filmmaking process, and the one you are reading now will be more diverse in scope.  Although, I'm not sure that's the best way to go?  Got to ask around.  But, if you have a suggestion, I would love to hear from you.