"way to go", was the last thing I heard from her.

it was over, like the proverbial blink of the eye.  no closure, nothing.  the pain, it was excruciating for a bit, but you know what, it was bound to happen anyway.  and I've always wanted to travel.

i was a Sagittarius and she was some other shit.  i forget which it was, maybe the crab or the bull, or whatever, but i know now, that we weren't compatible.

how come i didn't know that at first, like right of the bat. what a shame, a real life shame?  
she was real pretty though.  that part hurts the most, because, well, her personality wasn't as pretty.

Work and Money

I will come back and revisit this when I'm not on the run.

And full disclosure, this is the second time I'm using my phone to update.

In any case, this is a tricky subject when it comes to the creative fields. And what I mean is, not the second job kind of thing. Or the weekend warrior kind of thing.

No, the, "I'm not sure I want to put my name on that kind of thing".

I have a simple answer. Don't.