Three Worlds (feature film) - 2018

Gold Award - "Best Feature Film" at QPIFF 2018
Silver Award ' "Best Editing" at QPIFF 2018

(Note: Screeners available for press outlets. If you need a copy, please reach out. If you want to see the film but have financial difficulties, contact us and we will accommodate. If you’re a curator / educator and running a screening series, we are very open to interesting screening opportunities in all territories.)

Upcoming Screenings:
Sept 23, 2018 - Mockingbird Cinema - Birmingham UK - B’ham Sci-Fi Fest
Oct 7, 2018 - “Spotlight Film” - Chicago - 1:30pm - VAiFF
Nov 9th, 2018 - IFP Chicago - 4:30pm

Available to watch now!
- Sept 7th, 2018 limited release only on
Vimeo On Demand (worldwide).
Amazon Prime Video (US/UK) late Sept, 2018
- All English speaking countries coming shortly

”Three Worlds” completes the “Three Marks Too Many Signals” series of works which include the feature film MAN (2018) and the visual album CANYON (2016), both of which are available to watch on multiple platforms.


Three Worlds is a psychological, genre-bending, experimental drama that explores the three lives, or 'worlds,' of a man who undergoes an experiment that triggers haunting memories and alternate life memories.

Cast / Crew

Written & Directed by Amir Motlagh
Produced by ANIMALS, Amir Motlagh, Charles Borg
Director of Photography: Amir Motlagh


Amir Motlagh                 Saam Heidari
Samantha Robinson     Ashley Evans
Rey Deegan                   Charles Adler
Keaton Shyler               Danica Mihajlović
Gregory Linington        Thomas Blaumberg

Editing:  Bryan Tuck,  Amir Motlagh
Original Score by:  Julian DW Brink

Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Holliger

Media Quotes

It’s always exciting whenever a distinct new voice makes itself heard on the indie landscape. Amir Motlagh is such a voice.

honest and soulful..
— Adam Schartoff FILMWAX RADIO
It’s rare to mix rawness with beauty.
— Pinnland Empire
“These unique experiences are made even more exceptional for their Iranian-American perspective.”

...the experience of both films (MAN + Three Worlds) is one that any film connoisseur must have. To sit with an awareness of the film, and, an awareness of how you are watching it, is a surreal act that can only be described as “art.” Motlagh’s work is definitely a piece of art in the medium of film.
— Jonita Davis THE IRANIAN
there is without a doubt a definitive boldness to “Three Worlds”, both in its tone and aspirations, and it will certainly require viewers to lean in a little closer, which is never a bad thing…..a curious and fascinating watch.
— David Fowlie KEEPING IT REEL
QPIFF Gold Award Winner Certificate - Best Feature - Animation:Experimental - FRONT SIDE.png
Three Worlds Stills - Amir Motlagh & Gregory Linington
Three Worlds - Amir Motlagh & Samantha Robinson
Three Worlds - Rooftop Scene
Three Worlds - Suburb Still
Three Worlds - Samantha Robinson
Keaton Shyler as Danica
Three Worlds Official Poster