Three Worlds (feature film) - 2018

Gold Award - "Best Feature Film" at QPIFF 2018
Silver Award ' "Best Editing" at QPIFF 2018

Upcoming Screenings:
Sept 23, 2018 - Mockingbird Cinema - Birmingham UK - B’ham Sci-Fi Fest
Oct 7, 2018 - “Spotlight Film” - Chicago - VAiFF

Available to watch now!
Sept 7th, 2018 limited release only on Vimeo On Demand (worldwide).
Amazon Prime Video (US/UK) following shortly after along with a host of other digital platforms.


Three Worlds (2018) is a psychological science fiction drama that explores the three lives, or 'worlds,' of a man who undergoes an experiment that triggers haunting memories and alternate life 'memories.

Cast / Crew

Written & Directed by Amir Motlagh
Produced by ANIMALS, Amir Motlagh, Charles Borg
Director of Photography: Amir Motlagh


Amir Motlagh                 Saam Heidari
Samantha Robinson     Ashley Evans
Rey Deegan                   Charles Adler
Keaton Shyler               Danica Mihajlović
Gregory Linington        Thomas Blaumberg

Editing:  Bryan Tuck,  Amir Motlagh
Original Score by:  Julian DW Brink

Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Holliger

Media Quotes

It’s always exciting whenever a distinct new voice makes itself heard on the indie landscape. Amir Motlagh is such a voice.

honest and soulful..
— Adam Schartoff FILMWAX RADIO
It’s rare to mix rawness with beauty.
— Pinnland Empire
“These unique experiences are made even more exceptional for their Iranian-American perspective.”

...the experience of both films (MAN + Three Worlds) is one that any film connoisseur must have. To sit with an awareness of the film, and, an awareness of how you are watching it, is a surreal act that can only be described as “art.” Motlagh’s work is definitely a piece of art in the medium of film.
— Jonita Davis THE IRANIAN
there is without a doubt a definitive boldness to “Three Worlds”, both in its tone and aspirations, and it will certainly require viewers to lean in a little closer, which is never a bad thing…..a curious and fascinating watch.
— David Fowlie KEEPING IT REEL
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Three Worlds Stills - Amir Motlagh & Gregory Linington
Three Worlds - Amir Motlagh & Samantha Robinson
Three Worlds - Rooftop Scene
Three Worlds - Suburb Still
Three Worlds - Samantha Robinson
Keaton Shyler as Danica
Three Worlds Official Poster