Shanks and the Dreamers

Yah, i got a band, so what. The album we are releasing is called "A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens" and features 6 tracks. This album was recorded from the summer 05 to summer 06 and was mixed down and mastered and complete on Dec 20th 2006. It will be released soon after my new film "Knock Knock" is done, which if i were to speculate, March 2007.

The artwork design and layout for the CD was co authored by graphic artist Martin Nilchian who also played Marteen in my very first film Dino Adino.

The material on this release is a bit different, well alot different then where Shanks and the Dreamers is now adays. These recordings are more intimate and the album is more conceptual then the newer stuff. "A Day Late" was really a solo instrumental album with help from friends who eventually became Shanks and the Dreamers. But, because it is the birth of an idea, it will retain the same name.

There will be a limited pressing and will be available online, some stores, and here i guess. But i will let you know where you can grab a copy.

For now, here is the fantastic link to the place you spend all day, myspace....

Shanks and the Dreamers