updates on new releases for the first half of 07

Ok, so "Shanks and the Dreamers" album "A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens" will be released on April 17th.

A new film, tentatively titled "In Spite of the Laughs" will be ready to tour the festival circuit on May 15th. The rough cut is done. It was shot on S16 and the master is on D5. The run time is about 20min.

The feature film "whale" i concieved of will be ready in July.

I am planning on shooting another feature in August/Sept, an ensemble piece, in HD, on a shoestring, so if you are interested, find me, call me, grab me, and we can talk. I am in the process of writing the sceneario as they used to say.

And also, if you are a man/women with some money, and would be interested in a more high profile film, i am finishing up a new feature script. Established or ambitious up and comer actors/actress's would be very pleased to take a look at this script, and so would the money folks.

Also, shooting a short on 35mm from a script i wrote late 07 or early 08.