oh the things, i love things

Things to do, things to do......where shall i begin? Ok, so, a new short film is done, but the damn title keeps changing. Dont know what i called it last, but it can be called "Knock Knock, or "in spite of everything" or something else. If there is a suggestion, i am open. Been editing my feature film, "whale", which will have a fine cut ready in the summer. It has been coming along nicely, and trailers will be up soon.

Also, i am still waiting to get the artwork finished for the Shanks and the Dreamers original album. I promise it will be finished and ready before this month is over, like tomorrow.

Ok, so i have been working on a new web show called the Chris Manz's show which is in essence a continuation of the new short film that should be coming out in a few weeks, when the titleing and audio sweetning is finished. The show will start airing next week.

In other news, am going to be writing/directing another feature this summer tentatively titled "Micro". More on that in the future.

As always, stay up, and for godsakes, i need someone to fix my damn site. That shit is old school now...