New "The Photo Journal" feature on the site..

So I'm adding a new feature on this site called, "The Photo Journal".  I understand that its hella clever in the Bay Area sense, but i'll be updating whenever i get a chance, and when in fact at least a week or several have past.

The page is located on the sidebar (pages section).  So after this first preview, i'll only link to it from this point on.  Maybe not.

So, without further verboseness, this is the first edition, November 2008.

Shanks and the Dreamers live at Evocal  11-04-08

Shanks and the Dreamers


On stage with Dubfire_Nocturnal 2008

Dubfire_Nocturnal 2008


Before playing, 11.04.08

Mr. Amir Motlagh

In the "small" Studio_ I keep my mutherfukin sunglasses on in doors..

cuttin it up meng