Whats old is new, whats paid is free

Well, lots of talk about the state of Indie Films, MicroFilms, Indiewood etc, and most is just dismal news. I have a new film coming out “whale” that i’ve been working on for a very long time, last i checked, over two years. Since this was a trilogy of conception with two other pieces, one being Plain Us which is finished, and the other, “micro indulgence” a film i started a finished last year but dropped from releasing, i have now changed my mind because, well, nobody is being critical anymore and i feel that this is an addendum piece to what is happening these days.

The film was a fictional documentary about a character that was shooting a no-budget microfilm. It was told in a first person style.

Since we are inundated with this type of media, and most of the new crop of films offer very little critical insight, either social, political, or true representations of slice of lifes, i will offer a piece that is a stripped down version of the current crop of filmmaking without any hinderance of metaphors. What i’m trying to say is that most these films is just a camera turned on the self, absorbed with the self, but shot in traditional styles that look more like “Flight of the Concords” then “The Celebration”. “Micro Indulgence” takes the characters out, and what you are left is with one. A character i created, so absorbed with his goals, you might call him High Functioning Autistic.  Totally self-absorbed much like web videos.

I’m going to cut the film, pieces at a time, live from week to week and offer it for free on youtube, myspace, facebook and any and all these corporate social networks. Also, probably on this site as well, along with its own website.

Since it was shot a year ago, its full of surprises for myself as well. I won’t know the official release of the first piece, but it will most likely happen after “whale” is complete. I am guessing in late August, or early Sept.

Will update soon.