Where can i find yo shit, like Still Lover and such?

Ok, so people always ask where they can see or buy things i have created.  Well, for one, Still Lover is currently being distributed by CrushedPlanet.com which is an online pay to play website with high quality, curated content.  The company was founded by Joe and Harry Gantz of Taxi Cab Confessions, which was an amazing show at the time, and could be the first reality show to play on Cable?  Maybe.

Anyways, go and take a look, and if you sign up you get two free views, then its pay to play, or subscription based.  So this all means that you need to go and see the film Still Lover for the first time, or the third, but go and make me some money meng.    Artist deserve to make that bling too....

Also, if you're into music, and can't wait for the new Shanks and the Dreamers album to drop on Sept 16th, 2008, you can cope our smooth, last years instrumental record, "A Day Late: Instrumentals for Illegal Aliens" over at itunes, or amazon, or cdbaby, and take it easy man.

Ok, so, the new news is that knock. knock. has been picked up for distro.  So if you want to see that film, go harass the distributors Ouat! Media.  For all international sales, please click here.