Plain Us festival premiere and whale trailer updates

Plain Us gets its official festival world premiere in early October.  Since the festival official release doesn't go out till next week, i wont tell you where yet.  But we are all excited because its at a cool festival with lots of buzz and fresh, risk taking programmers.

Also, the whale trailer goes up by weeks end.  Come back often to get the first peek.  The shits been a process and one half, but what can i say, its coming all to an end.  Well, the creative part at least.  Now begins the journey that i don't really like(as much), the promotional and distribution part.  If your a savvy new school distibutor, or a young savvy risk taking programmer, get at me for first dibs.  

Well, i don't so much care about the young part, but if you're stuck in the 80's and program safe film festivals that have the same work rehashed year after year, in a program devoted to entertaining teenagers and the elderly all in one package, then i'm not your kid.  I can however, still be you're friend on of hours.

Best to all.