"Plain Us" North American Festival Premiere

Plain Us gets its North American Festival Premiere at the Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival in Bay City, Michigan.

The festival runs from Oct 2-5th.  Along with some fine film, what really makes this fest stand out is the bands they bring, which, looking at there 2007 festival where pretty damn good.

The festival suits the film very well, with the main character being in a band and all, and well, also for the independent content, both form and story.  HHM seem's to program cooler shit then some of the more mainstream and so called "INDEPENDENT" festivals.  The fact that i am premiering a film with them might have something to do with my very subjective attitude, or i might in fact just be right....haha

I always assumed that festivals were around to give alternative and independent visions a platform and voice, but after many years doing this, i don't really trust that as truth, especially as far as the short form is concerned.  But just like many things in life, the reality is different then the ideal.

But on a more positive note, this is also the place knock. knock. got its festival premiere before being picked up for distro.....

Anyways, when further details come out, like screening schedule, i'll let you know....

Till next time,

Be proactive

Plain Us