"whale" first official trailer

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Cameron, a writer who seems to have never finished his first novel, returns home to his mother's house in Orange County Ca., after a failed relationship and lack of direction with life. Back home, Cameron spends his time reacquainting with old high school friends, only to find that life has only gotten more confusing for everyone. What is a young man to do when he seems to have lost all hope?

The film uses a cast made up of mostly non-actors, including Motlagh's real life parents. Many of the cast were first seen in Amir Motlagh's short film, Dino Adino (2001). By using an alternative narrative style, the film destroys the lines of fiction and documentary by engaging the audience in a way that traditional narrative fictions cannot. Motlagh utilized an approach that mixes the cinematic language, using influences ranging from Dogme 95, No Budget DIY, Iranian Cinema, Collage, John Cassavettes and YoutubeΒ  to string together the film in a unique and original way.

"DIY meets cinema art"

"A collage of life, weaved with a sparring, gentle narrative that says more, without hardly saying anything"

"An autistic vision of cinema, equal parts beautiful, indulgent, and raw"

"Life unfolds in Amir Motlagh's new film whale"

Amir Motlagh
Darren Oneil
Mike Flowers
Atefeh Galledari
Yousef Motlagh
Rastin Ashtiani
Kindy Barr

-Company Credits-
Production Company - AYA Films
Produced by - Amir Motlagh, Darren Oneil
Music- Shanks and the Dreamers

Total Run Time: 72 Minutes