News that is moments motivated.

Things that are happening now.  Right now.

1.  WHALE is now on Vimeo, Youtube and Dailymotion for streaming.  In fact, you can watch it from the comfort of this website.  You can also still purchase a DVD because hardware is more valuable then bytes.

2.  The interview I did last year for VOA's Shabahang show (The Late Edition) is now available to watch here.  The shorter version is also available on Youtube.

3.  MIRS is coming to Pandora.

3.  I did several interviews regarding MIRS.  When and if they go live, you can see it here.

4.  Insound is going to stock some of those limited MIRS CD's.  

5.  Khoobi (are you ok) is finished and awaiting some music clearance.  More infor coming real soon.