MIRS "Spring (bombs)" music video

This is the just released music video (first of four) for the track Spring (bombs) of the MIRS Spin Cycle ep.  Usually, I don't go into the behind the scenes stuff, but I do want to frame this, so that it has some contextual backdrop to work from.  Initially, the video was going to be some elaborate live action piece, with some "familiar face" as the lead.  But the production was endlessly getting pushed back, weeks and weeks with no end in sight.

Now, at the same time, I had been thinking of another visual treatment, one that I had always considered more central and "authentic", but was hesitant to follow through because of this larger scale production which was already in movement, and also for the very fact that this idea lacked so called production value.

But instead of delaying yet again, and in reference to this track in particular being at times labeled as Chillwave (a genre that I was never fully aware of when I was recording this) I decided to trash the production, and go with my more honest instinct.  The general trends in music videos now(especially in these genres) is the feeling or mood of nostalgia.  But usually as it applies only in meta feeling, not in actuality, since most of these musicians weren't even born during the visual time clock that the images represent.  And the other type of nostalgia based music video of late is the home-movie aesthetics but with a clear cut narrative, rendering it to skillful artifice and craftsmanship. (ie: Mark Ronsons' I Need Somebody to Love Me" video).

So, given these distinctions, I wanted to cut of the oxygen to those particular forms of nostalgic pandering, and so I came up with this.  This is actual footage, taken many years ago, at the second renaissance of break dancing.  It includes myself, and several of my friends, when we were in a crew.  The only narration is the actual "session".  Pairing it up to the music, it renders the scene wholly different, and in my opinion, gives the music its own unqiue breathing space as well.