MIRS - Singles 1218

MIRS (my ongoing music project + collaborations) just re-released 7 standalone singles (including a new soundtrack cut) on a single "disc". The record spans 2012-2018. 

Tracklist (with original release dates):
1) Kayla (2012)
2) Take Away (2012)
3) Summer God Complex (2014)
4) Woke up on the Moon (2015)
5) Moonlighting Mission Man (2017) ** - the link is to the visual short film**
6) Saturday (2018)
7) Hafiz Drinks from the Cup of Time (2018)

Where to stream (or buy)
- Itunes
- Spotify
- Bandcamp
- Pandora

MIRS - Singles 1218

MIRS - Singles 1218

Hafiz Drinks from the Cup of Time v1 - MAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The first release from the MAN soundtrack is from the quietly embedded MIRS track, HAFIZ DRINKS FROM THE CUP OF TIME V1. The full soundtrack releases early next week on all major platforms featuring the works of Chicago musician Stephen Holliger (swim ignorant fire).

KAYLA, the new MIRS single + video.

For a limited time, you can grab the new MIRS single Kayla for free at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and some other places before Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and torrents take over.

Also, a video comes along.  You can watch the unicolor, hifi video at Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo.

Track Credits:

released 19 June 2012 
Produced by Amir Motlagh + Art Toussi 
Instrumentation, Vocals & Lyrics by Amir Motlagh 
Bass Guitar: Art Toussi 
Mix: Amir Motlagh 
Mastering: Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog) 
Album Art: Amir Motlagh 
Publishing & Copyrights 2012 Amir Motlagh / ANIMALS

MIRS "Spin Cycle" now name your price

With the success of the .99 cent'er two weeks ago, a step further.  Go grab a copy of "Spin Cycle" for the low introductory price of "name your own" price.  Nothing is too low, nothing is too high.

For this occasion, we present a "what could have been".  This album cover is proof of a "what could have been".


MIRS "Spin Cycle" now available on BandCamp

Spin Cycle is now available on BandCamp, followed by a larger digital and CD launch Novemeber 30th, 2010.

Don't waste your fucking time here, go grab it before all the digital files are gone.  I would also like to make the case that you pick up the full EP instead of singles, because they are made to go linear, and because its pretty good. 

Also, with your purchase of the album, you get a PDF translation page that will come in handy soon.


MIRS "Spin Cycle" Release Dates

"Spin Cycle", the first release from MIRS comes out Tuesday, November 2nd on BandCamp as a digital only (MP3, Wav), followed by a limited edition CD pressing & full digital release (including Itunes, Amazon, Etc.) November 30th, 2010.  The EP includes the following four tracks:

01. Spring (bombs)

02. Summer (farahavar)

03. Fall (birds)

04. Winter (little tokyo)