New #MIRS single on Jan 7th, 2014

The second single from the upcoming Mirs, MEAT ON YOUR LONELY BONEZ ep, will be available 
on Jan 7th, 2014.  

Since this is a concept EP, I struggled with the idea of letting them go as singles, but, whatever brah.

Come back in a week and pick it up at your favorite digital store.  The whole EP will be available late Jan or early Feb.  However, i might release another single from it, which will spread the whole item out.  Yes, it is made to play in order, but, I am just one man, in a world full of men.  And women are a whole lot better then men B.

Here is the cover art, done in collaboration with my man man, Ali Sabet.  Check out the rest of his world here.



KAYLA, the new MIRS single + video.

For a limited time, you can grab the new MIRS single Kayla for free at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and some other places before Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and torrents take over.

Also, a video comes along.  You can watch the unicolor, hifi video at Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo.

Track Credits:

released 19 June 2012 
Produced by Amir Motlagh + Art Toussi 
Instrumentation, Vocals & Lyrics by Amir Motlagh 
Bass Guitar: Art Toussi 
Mix: Amir Motlagh 
Mastering: Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog) 
Album Art: Amir Motlagh 
Publishing & Copyrights 2012 Amir Motlagh / ANIMALS