When you get your voiced dubbed because you lost your tongue

In May, I got asked to do an interview on a new show highlighting Iranian (American) artist/entertainers/entrepreneurs living in Los Angeles titled IRANGELES.

The shows producer (a real nice dude, Ben) told me it was for a London based broadcaster, so I figured it was BBC Persia. I was mistaken (no big deal though I should be more diligent), instead it was for a new Iranian Satellite Broadcaster (out of London) who I’m not familiar with.

In any case, the show went live on the broadcaster (just the other day), and I got a call from my father, signaling a bit of irritation in his voice. The back story is as follows:

Turns out, my cousin saw the episode (other side of the planet), who then alerted my uncle, who then called his sister (aunt), who then called my mother, who then told my father, who then called me to lecture me about my lack of Farsi. And why was that?

Because my Farsi has gotten so inarticulate that they ended up dubbing my voice.

Keep sharp the native tongue my friends :)

Below is the episode on YT which includes my segment starting at 12:04 in Farsi.