Haruki Murakami

The Book Queue as a Metaphor for Whatevers?

Sitting in front of me on a small coffee table lays Murakami's THE ELEPHANT VANISHES.  It's been sitting in front of my eyes for about 3 months. 

But, on that same coffee table lay several (12 in all) other books besides Murakami's.  They range the gamut from bestsellers to obscure works.  Most are NON fiction. (something that I've only recently gotten deeply into)  

Sometimes, a strange habit overtakes my rational mind.  It goes something like this. 

a) Buy a book to read.

b) Find other books to read by serendipitous occurrences.

A photo of books in a non-compliant aspect ratio.

A photo of books in a non-compliant aspect ratio.

c) Find those "other books" immediately. Start at the nearest bookstore, order the rest and start on those post-haste.

d) Repeat this step with some of the new books, but not all.  

e) Regain some composure.

f) Get back to the original book, many, many months later.

g) Pat myself on the back for sticking too it eventually and reading the one I was "supposed" to start with.

Now, I learned a very important lesson in life not so long ago.  "Don't think of life in linear's", said a friend, while holding a very expensive glass of whiskey. 

It took me awhile to figure that one out.  I sat on it, played with it, tried to fit it in.  It's simple, and sounds profound and it could be interpreted in many ways.  But, after awhile, it made perfect sense.  Say it to yourself.  


PS: If your persistent, you will get back to that original book, and, if you got some grit, you'll even finish it.

A little flexibility, some stamina, and commitment can get you conquering your book queue.  Now, multiply that by X.  Something much, much bigger then what to read next.