How much do you Need your Blanket.

The moment you get lost in NEEDING something on an intellectual/ego level, you lose a great sense of power.  And in the course of this desperation, the thing which you seek is always 10 steps ahead of you.  

Now, I'm not talking about the basics.  The first levels of Maslow here.  The vital needs are the basics of life.  Fortunately, those are automatic or made easy to attain for many inhabitants on earth.  We have our Costco's and Wal-Mart ‘s and Starbucks, and Amazon's.  Many people however still don't have their basic vital needs met.  Don't ever forget that fact.

Marx (I am by no means a Commie) defined the human specimen as "creatures of need".  And in the process of meeting these needs, created suffering.  Here, he was talking about all needs, including moral, spiritual, food, shelter, etc.  The "created suffering" piece is of interest here.  

Many Eastern religions focus on shedding excessive neediness.  At the highest levels, all neediness.

We all want things.  We all strive for things.  But that weird form of obsession, that drives some to need something so bad, without any sense of the why's, that's usually the most unattractive.  

That's a reason the desperate remain desperate.  Removing that thick scented blanket of NEED opens you up.  Gives you back a sense of power.  How can you see clearly if you're engulfed in it?  You can't.  

De-Linus van Pelt yourself, and drop that sweet, comfortable blanket.  Test yourself.  Immediately, you might feel a sense of empowerment.  The idea is not in control.  You are.  

Let go.  See what happens.  

What do you Need?

What do you Need?