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Mirs - Summer God Complex (Official Visualization 2014)

Here is the visual representation for the MIRS track SUMMER GOD COMPLEX. This video is a digital deconstruction of footage that originated from an infamous, lonely and appalling source.

That source was also the lead-in into the writing process, although it was just a jumping point, a kernel of story that evolved into something else.

The deconstruction of the source footage also plays into an internal, corrupt mind grasping at order, and at times seeing beauty in it's own destruction. The process involved the breaking down of codecs.

Take Away artwork for MIRS new single.

We just signed off on the cover art for Take Away, MIRS newest, and final single of the summer.  The artwork was a collaboration between Ali Sabet and myself.  We did a little art direction together, he did the illustration and layout.  We still haven't decided which will represent the single on the commercial end, so, send us a shout and help us decide.  You got about a week before we drop it on all the usual suspects.

Now Ali is no stranger to ANIMALS (or AYA FILMS).  He did some of the illustrations in both 35 Year Old Man and KHOOBI.  And we are in post on another collaboration, Writers Block in B Minor that is scheduled for a last quarter 012 release. 

MIRS - Take Away

MIRS - Take Away