CINIMA and Mirs - Rain (new drop Oct 25th)

Clicked up in the studio with my friend & collaborator Nima Rezai (CANYON) recently as he’s launching his new project CINIMA. This is our first collaboration between our two projects, CINIMA & Mirs.

Our first single, “Rain” drops on all major platforms Oct 25, 2019.

Rain - CINIMA & Mirs

Rain - CINIMA & Mirs

Rain - CINIMA & Mirs

Rain - CINIMA & Mirs

Mirs & KidGusto's RAINBOW SEASON LP now on Pandora Radio

My latest album “Rainbow Season” is now included in the Pandora catalog. I personally use Pandora more than either Spotify or Apple Music, as its artist station radio options are great in the car (especially if you live in LA, as you live in a car).

Just another choice….

Mirs & KidGusto’s “Rainbow Season” now on Pandora!

Mirs & KidGusto’s “Rainbow Season” now on Pandora!

Rainbow Season - The Film

While we initially wanted to release both Rainbow Season, The Album and Rainbow Season, The Film simultaneously, we (KidGusto and I) decided to stagger the releases, with of course, the record coming out first.

The last few years I’ve been releasing films with the records I produce, starting with the release of CANYON in 2016, though I had tried to do it with Spin Cycle back in 2010, but I didn’t have the infrastructure to execute.

Films with music is becoming standard practice to varying degree, and so with this effort, we tried to push that idea further, melding the experience between the two forms in a slightly different envelope.

The first trailer for the new feature length work went live today and we’re having a limited VOD soft release starting on Thurs 07-11-19, It’ll be available shortly after on other platforms, but we priced it to make it a no brainer for anyone interested in an early, ad-free experience. You can of course, buy it to own as well (DRM-Free). It’ll roll out to other platforms shortly after.

(ps: if you buy the film on pre-order (not rent), shoot me an email & I’ll get out the record to you in 320kbps mp3, DRM Free as a bundle. i’ll honor this through the pre-order period as a sincere thank you for the support ;) )

Mirs + KidGusto present Rainbow Season

My new record is live!


Rainbow Season, the full-length Mirs debut, a collaboration with KidGusto releases worldwide on TrueGrooves, 05/24/19.

Available for purchase & streaming worldwide including:


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RAINBOW SEASON - Friday, May 24, 2019

TrueGrooves presents Rainbow Season, the Mirs debut full-length album, a collaboration with KidGusto available on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Executive produced by Pejman KidGusto & Amir Motlagh (Mirs).

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