WHALE HD Re-Release Season

While MAN just launched, ANIMALS secretly re-released WHALE in HD. While I'm generally against revisionism in art, some very slight modifications have been made to the 2010 release. We are in the software eat world age after all, where things get continuously updated. Nothing is ever finished until it ceases to exist.

The project is available for $2 to rent, $7 to buy and is available in all territories on Vimeo. The original SD version has been and still is available on Amazon (along with a few rare DVD's), though the new HD version will be available soon and free to Prime subscribers. If I could dictate your direction, I would say, use the Vimeo route for now.






Typography redesigned by  Ali Sabet

Typography redesigned by Ali Sabet



The film is officially finished. I have written a little response over at the WHALE site, blog, http://www.whalethefilm.com stating the reasons for the delay.

Of course, as in all things in life, a bit of sidetracking becomes a necessity of survival. The final version of the film has only been seen by a tiny fraction of society, and as i outline my plans, it will remain a bit undercover. Whether the film gets any sort of public screening is not at all my concern nor my wallets, and I mean this in a very sincere, non egotistical and realistic way. Sometimes we get to a point where the idea of a curator becomes anathema to the soul, know what I mean?

No, ah fuck it, well, what I mean to say is that I want to make the film available to people who want to see the film, with or without any sort of middle man, and in a very timely and efficient manner. Life is too short to wait, or hold out, or vice versa. This project is very personal and took about four years to conceive, and because of that, another year of speculation is too long and the theoretical net gains might not be enough, nor can it ever be enough.

So, in a bit of time (short), the film will become available through DVD, VOD and digital downloads. An unofficial DVD might be available now if you contact the right person (amotlagh@gmail.com), emphasis on might, or right?

As for festivals, well we shall see. I might send this out, or I might not. I'm sure some think that this is the only path for a small lil ol Indie as I once did, but I don't really anymore. It is certainly a viable path, but not the only one, and nobody should feel trapped by ambiguities toward audience building. The road these days is not paved, and neither is the mapping of the routes, no matter who tells you or wants to sell you a solution. The field is fucking wide open. Localizing your goals might be the future as the market becomes more and more niche.

This is my rebellion of sorts, an idealistic belief that rather content works for people or it doesn't, and if it does, similar types will seek it out. If it doesn't, maybe later it will, but you still have to make it available if you believe in the nature of the work you do. And if these be the truths, then let nature take its course (cue the Beatles).

Hears hoping to word of mouth, longer shelf life's, and utopian naivete. But, do you remember a time when things were only available if somebody other then the creator said so? Yeah, that was so a few years ago.

So, keep on believing in the things you pursue.