life lessons

ical meets virus....

Sometimes we plan the week, in precise, efficient detail, and then, a cold comes knocking on the door changing everything.  Life is not linear.  

And if you force it as such, the joy and spontaneity of the game, the game of life vanishes.  Life is just one giant improvisational game, ephemeral and hardly meant for seriousness.  The mood of the moment or time might feel grave, but mortality is our constant reminder; this is fleeting, don't be a jerk about it.   

those times.

Sometimes confusion arises when we think we need to follow a script, a plan set fourth, mostly discovered by piecing together other paths set fourth in our peripheries.  

Follow the leader.  See, this is how it was done before.  This is how (insert name) did it.

But, you are clearly you, and not that other (BLANK ) person.  So, trust yourself, and trust IN yourself.  Lead.  It's scary.  But, aren't we all scared anyways?  

Following the script might be good when you're doing a studio picture and the committee is looking over your shoulder, but in life, a script is nothing but fantasy plots.  Or worse, an excuse to do nothing.