A meta episode in the vein of Seinfeld, not much happens - Things w/ Amir Motlagh Ep 13

This is all meta and in the vein of Seinfeld; nothing happens, and all bundled with 99% less laughs. Anyways, as I had feared before I revamped this, that bottlenecks would thwart my consistency. And, yes, they have. So, while I have been perpetually aiming at making these better, or rather, more value oriented & better researched, that has not happened. Will it, who knows? To be honest, it is what it will be.

Though, I do like to talk freely like this, so, maybe I’ll just keep at it. The volume has been increased as my friend Jonathan implored me to bump the gain knob. I noticed that I was mixing it at a volume that film dialogue would be at, and that is probably to low for the web.

What happens in these 7 minutes? A quick chat about the last couple weeks, the weather is spectacular and why you should read ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE by Robert Pirsig.

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The THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS series of works gets a double feature screening of MAN & THREE WORLDS, presented by Chicago Filmmakers. The presentation starts at 6pm, Saturday, April 21st. 

The box office is open, so we would love to see you there. I am planning on attending (schedule permitting) but my producing partner & co-writer on MAN, Charles Borg will be present. If you are press, or know anyone who would be interested in writing about the event, or needs screeners, please reach out. 

This has been a long time coming, but we wish to come to other cities. If you are interested in booking the films, please reach out. Whether it be film festivals, one-off events, microcinemas, arthouse theaters or gallery spaces (etc), we are open and excited to hear from you. We want to bring this to you in a way that feels organic and connected.

I'll be updating as the date nears. Thank you all for the years of support. 💚



Double Feature Screening....

Looks like both the new features will be screening together late April. While MAN is locked, still working on finishing THREE WORLDS. My big aim all along was to be able to screen these two works along with CANYON in a single show. Basically, the THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS series as one piece.

A long road indeed. Stay tuned. If all works well, I should be able to announce the location and date. One really big thing to note, it's not an LA show. We don't do arthouse well in LA :) 


"Indies I Recommend: Whale" - Lucas Mcnelly

Taken directly from "100 Films: Indies I Recommend: Whale"

"Indies I Recommend: Whale

Earlier this year, when I was naive enough to think I could somehow change the world (well, not the world as much as a city), I got in my head this idea that I could start a screening series called Indies for Indies. We had a willing venue, so armed with a bunch of ideas stolen from Ted Hope, I set up a series of indie films. And, man, we showed some great films in a stunningly beautiful. The thing is, no one showed up. And not just for the series. No one was showing up for stuff like Sergio Leone films, for Annie Hall, The 400 Blows. We put the series on hiatus and soon after that, the theatre closed. It was a shame, because we could have done great things for indie film in Pittsburgh. 

What can you do, right?

Anyway, the very first film we screened as part of the series was Amir Motlagh's Whale, a beautiful film about heartbreak, a lo-fi, found art film made by a supremely talented filmmaker. It's messy--intentionally so--but has more raw, honest truth than any film I've seen this year. Amir very quickly jumped to the top of my list of filmmakers to watch.

And now Whale is available for your home viewing pleasure. You can buy DVDs all over the place, and you can even rent it for a mere $0.99 on YouTube. Don't tell me you can't afford that. Do it. Rent it. Buy a DVD. You won't regret it."


Personally, I would like to point out that you can no longer get WHALE on youtube for a mere $0.99.  Its now $1.99.  See what happens when you lag.