YOUNG BUCK available throughout the internets

Hello Friends - 

YOUNG BUCK is out now, and free to roam the vastness of the internet.  Here are three locations where you can watch, other then right on our very own front page.

And when you visit said site, please subscribe or follow or whatever that particular site refers to the act of "subscribing" .  Because when you do, I will be very excited knowing that we bonded in some form.  

Also, leave a nice comment if you where moved to do so. Nothing in the house of ANIMALS is done by force.  But a simple reminder may remind you, how this very little act enlivens our soul.




New works

Hello friends - 

This is a transmission from Prince Amir of Animals.  We are gearing for the release of two new works this month.

The first is a film titled YOUNG BUCK.  It will rather drop this Thursday or the following.  Please check back, or, just subscribe to my Youtube or Vimeo channels.  (you should do that regardless)

The other project is for the first single of the new MIRS EP, "Meat on Your Lonely Bones". 

Best to you, my friends. 



Young Buck.Still001.jpg

Writer's Block in B Minor

Presenting: An ANIMALS Christmas Special in Ultra Technicolor 2D!

The story for this evening revolves around one man in for the fight of his life. 
Suspense, drama, anticipation, a cat!

concept + video: Amir Motlagh
produced by ANIMALS
words: Amir Motlagh / Sean Gillane
titles: Sean Gillane
animation: Pixopop 
cat: Flash
© Dec 2012

Music was a performance of Richard Wagner's Die Walkure (The Valkyries) 
performed by The United States Marine Band. It is available under Public Domain.