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Running an experiment.....

I'm on day 13 of my single channel video work, DROPS IN THE STREAM. My web-host Squarespace is helping to trouble shoot a minor glitch in the page that I'm hosting my project on. It seems that the videos sometimes skip ahead or move around at odd times. The easiest fix so far is to go back to the previous video that skipped ahead, and play it again. However, it should be resolved shortly.

But, aside from this little UI blip, and the fact that a Youtube Channel and Playlist exist for it without any glitches(along with Tumblr), I am excited about its strange development. We got a long way towards our Dec 31st completion, so please subscribe here, or bookmark here

The original post with the only hint of info can be found here:

Writer's Block in B Minor

Presenting: An ANIMALS Christmas Special in Ultra Technicolor 2D!

The story for this evening revolves around one man in for the fight of his life. 
Suspense, drama, anticipation, a cat!

concept + video: Amir Motlagh
produced by ANIMALS
words: Amir Motlagh / Sean Gillane
titles: Sean Gillane
animation: Pixopop 
cat: Flash
© Dec 2012

Music was a performance of Richard Wagner's Die Walkure (The Valkyries) 
performed by The United States Marine Band. It is available under Public Domain.